Are You The Ultimate Fan?

I was sitting on the couch the other night, talking to my boyfriend, and watching sports…I know, this sounds familiar (what can I say, we are routine people). Anyway, SportsCenter was on and analysts were discussing which team should draft who for the 2013 NFL draft. I asked Matt who he thought the Steelers should draft. He told me that the Steelers really need a new running back but that they always draft a linebacker. So this got me thinking.


I think the NFL should hold a “Are You the Ultimate Sports Fan?” contest. This could either be done for the entire NFL or per team, depending on how many teams like this idea.

This idea came to me after Matt was very adamant that the Steelers should draft a running back. But that they probably wouldn’t. I even said out loud “Well if you know so much, why dont you have a job with them yet” 😉

So my idea is this- hold a contest about who thinks they are the biggest NFL fan. The contestants would make a short video (under 5 min.) convincing the head honchos of the team that they not only bleed their favorite NFL team’s colors, but they also know a thing or two about what they are talking about when it comes to drafting new players. He or she will try to convince the team on how to keep up the momentum of the team or how to bring the team back to life.

After the contestant is selected, he or she would be allowed to sit in on draft day. They would get VIP access and be able to have a say in who is selected as their team’s 7 round picks.


  • Every team would be nowhere without its fans. So, why not really show that. If I know anything about living in Cleveland and being around Brown’s fans or being a Steeler’s fans and dating one, I know these people are the most dedicated die-hard fans there are. So if NFL team’s are saying they wouldn’t be successful without their fan’s support: Prove It!
  • Amazing publicity. Because I am getting my degree in PR, I know a thing or two about what good publicity can do for a team. If a team shows it cares about its fans, the only reaction fans will have is a positive one. Fans want to see that their team cares about them as much as they care about their team.
  • Money. Money is the key factor in all of this. By promoting this contest for each team, it will boost web, social media, apparel and product sales. People are going to want to support a team that shows it busts is ass day in and day out and walks in that stadium every week because they are doing it for the fans.

Now obviously I am unaware of all the legal responsibilities that comes along with this idea. But if it can be pulled together, I know this would only bring money, positive exposure and publicity to any NFL team that participates in this contest.


Getting Crafty-For Football Season?

One thing that I love to do is to buy my boyfriend gifts. It really is an expensive habit. For some reason, I would rather dress him up in a cute shirt than buy myself something, because then I don’t feel so guilty that I spent money on myself. I know, it’s weird. But like I said earlier, this habit was getting expensive.

So I started to get creative with gift ideas, for him, that were inexpensive but still great ideas. The very first idea I ever came up with was also my best.


I decided to make him a blanket, but not one of those blankets your grandmother would make you with your name stitched on it. I thought of his two most favorite things in the world and put them together: Steelers and Air Force.

Photo courtesy of Katie Paukst

On one side of the blanket, I picked out a soft Steelers patterned material. For the other side of the blanket, I picked out an Air Force pattern. I cut each end about 3 inches down, so that I had tassels. Then I tied both tassels together

Photo courtesy of Katie Paukst

Once the sides were tied, I decided to make it even more personal. I stitched on two red hearts and attempted to put our initials in the hearts.

I gave it to him for some holiday or anniversary that I can’t remember, but what I do remember is that he loved it. That was three years ago, and still to this day he uses it to go to sleep or to wrap up in on the couch when he gets cold.

Picture Frame

My next creative idea I had was a picture frame. If you are like me, you know you try to get a picture of every memory as possible. My all-time favorite picture is the one on my “About me” page, with Matt and I at the Steelers game.

I didn’t want to put the picture in an ordinary frame, since the picture was so special to me, I knew the frame had to be as equally special. So again, I got creative.

I went to Michaels craft store and found a frame that had cork board on the outline of the frame. From there I found black, gold and silver thumb tacks that I thought would look great in the corked frame. Then I found my  favorite part of the whole frame: I found tacks that looked like screws, which reminded me of steel, which obviously made me think of the Steelers.

Photo courtesy of Katie Paukst

I painted the edges of the frame. Then I assembled the tacks by color and spelled out Steelers, 2010 on the frame. I put the picture in, and it was complete.

Photo courtesy of Katie Paukst

When I gave this present to Matt, he was again so surprised and loved it. It now hangs nicely in our kitchen (yeah, he better know how lucky he is that his girlfriend hangs up football pictures in the kitchen). No, I’m just kidding, I love the picture as well.

Bottom Line

So ladies, there are a lot of creative things you can come up with, for your guy, that are football or sport related. If you are make something centered around his favorite team, he is going to think that you love his sports team and want to display, what he considers, “works of art” in the house. However, you again, are getting the upper hand in all of this because these gifts are coming from you, you have a say in  what is a tasteful display and what is just down right obnoxious.

My Favorite Football Team- The DCC

All I seem to write about is my boyfriend, Matt, and his love for football. However, I think it is my turn to talk about my guilty pleasure when it comes to football. I know what you’re thinking…Oh what football player are you after Katie? Wrong…My obsession is not a muscular pro athlete that makes well over 2 million dollars a year for running up and down a field in spandex. It is a group of 39 of the most perfected bodies that I would die to have for one night, just to fit into their uniform…Often imitated but never duplicated…The Dallas Cowboy Cheerleaders!

My obsession originally started this summer, when I was writing my ethics paper and was in need of a serious break. I turned on CMT and discovered there was an all day marathon of Making the Team-DCC. Naturally I had to put off my paper in order to give my undivided attention. Since my boyfriend ALWAYS makes me watch sports with him, I found it only fair that he return the favor to me. It wasn’t a very hard pitch, considering the topic.

How the show works

The show starts with the girls’ tryouts. Think of it like American Idol auditions meet So You Think You Can Dance. Some girls were amazing and others were a disaster of a hot mess.

After the entertaining rounds, a group of girls is picked to do training camp for 6 weeks, and if they don’t meet the DCC standards, they are cut.

The Matriarchs
Kelli McGonagill Finglass is the lady in charge of everything DCC; she decides who stays and who goes. She arranges all of the appearances and makes sure every single DCC is in tip top shape, from her white cowboy boots to her finely curled hair. Next is Judy Trammell. She is the DCC choreographer. Both women were Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders from the 1980’s. DCC would not be what it is today without these women. Both have upheld the look of a DCC for years.

Reason why I love the DCC

  • What people don’t understand is exactly what these girls go through. Most of the girls work a 9 to 5 job during the day. Then, at 7 p.m. they head over to the Cowboy’s training facility for a practice until 11 p.m.
  • Also, you would think these girls get paid a lot of money for having to commit to so many hours. Not the case. The DCC girls only get paid $50 per game. Which means all of the girls have to work a second job in order to make a living.
  • Another reason why I love the DCC? They are all about the military. They go overseas multiple times a year and do a USO tour for our troops. Because my boyfriend is the Air Force, I respect that very much.
  • Their uniform is also to die for. Any girl that can pull off that uniform week after week deserves a medal. Not to mention, those jump splits they do. I am not sure how any one of those girls do that and not brake their tailbone.

    Jump Split

Overall, these girls work two jobs, stay fit, and go overseas for USO tours. They do it all. During games, they have to have just as much energy as the Football players do. Dancing the whole game, running up and down stairs, and performing at the halftime show. These girls manage to do it all and still stay humble.

So women, remember that Sundays do not have to be owned by your guys and football. It can be about you too.

The Reason For The Addiction

Photo courtesy of ESPN

Every person at one time or another has had an obsession. In my preteen years it was Leonardo DiCaprio and N’SYNC,  in my teen years it was Channing Tatum in Step-Up (let’s be honest, it still is) and right now it’s Bentley from Teen Mom and the Gorga’s from the Real Housewives of New Jersey. Oh how the times have changed. But for my boyfriend, it has always been Pittsburgh sports, with the Steelers at the top of that list. But for every obsession, there is the root of it. For him, it’s four letters that are made so easily accessible, it would be hard for any obsessive person to kick the habit. I am talking about ESPN.

ESPN is a multi-billion dollar industry that has undoubtedly taken over my boyfriend’s world. There are a few reasons as to why ESPN is the frontrunner in the worldwide sports industry.

Reason One- SportsCenter

Photo courtesy of ESPN

SportsCenter is the signature telecast on ESPN. This past September, it aired its 50,000th episode. SportsCenter is on all the time. I mean that literally. When your guy wakes up at 6 a.m. before work, it’s on. When he turns on the t.v. to see highlights of the game before he goes to bed at 11 p.m., it’s on. Are you wondering if it is on right now as you read this? It is.

SportsCenter news castors will review games, usually football, basketball and baseball, and bring in anaylists to give their opinions. It reviews the top plays of the day’s games and at the end of every week it recaps my favorite part, the not top plays.

SportsCenter is every sports fan’s dream job. There was even a reality show one year for one lucky person to get a broadcasting spot on the show.

Reason Two- 30 for 30

Photo courtesy of ESPN

30 for 30 is a documentary series that follows stories of athletes that have taken a wrong turn somewhere in life, and follows either their rise back to the top or their continued fall from grace.

Now to me, every time this 2-hour documentary is on, it does nothing but take up space on my DVR. But to my guy, it’s much more than that. The series is a very well produced show that shows that athletes are all human and really give a lot of great background information that you don’t normally get by looking it up on the web.

Reason Three- Its Prevalence

ESPN executives were smart when they decided to to expand its network from just one to 9 different stations. Currently, there is ESPN, ESPN 2, ESPNEWS, ESPN Classic, ESPN Deportes, ESPN U, ESPN 3, ESPN mobile TV and ESPN 3D. ESPN is  a 24/7 network that can be accessed on the TV, internet, mobile and radio. The company also has its own magazine and stores.

Bottom Line

The bottom line is simple. ESPN executives are some of the smartest marketing, PR and communications people around. In a matter of 33 years, ESPN has gone from nothing to running the world of sports. ESPN markets to sports fans on a whole other level. No other company has the exposure ESPN has. This television network even has its own award show, the ESPY’s.

ESPN has also handled all of its crisis the way it should: fast and truthful. For example, at the beginning of this year, a new sensation had come to the world of basketball, Jeremy Lin. Lin was on a huge winning streak for the New York Knicks. Then one night, he lost his first game. SportsCenter reported on the loss with a headline saying  “Chink in the Armor: Jeremy Lin’s 9 Turnovers Cost Knicks in Streak-stopping Loss to Hornets.” The article was written by Anthony Federico. Within 35 minutes of posting the headline, SportsCenter removed it.  The next day, ESPN  issued an apologetic statement saying that they were looking into the situation. They also ended up dismissing Federico, suspending an anchor who issued a similar comment and clarifying that a radio commentator who said something similar to the first reference was not an ESPN employee. The Editor-in-Chief, Rob King, also publicly apologized on Twitter.

ESPN is smart in all it does. Because it knows how to market to its audience, handle conflict with a crisis situation and are able to thrive when other companies can never quite jump off the launch pad. Because of ESPN, I get to eat my cereal before going to class or work while watching something on ESPN. It is the last thing I see every night before I go to bed, not my boyfriend. But it makes my guy happy. So if he is happy, then I am happy too.

Fantasy Football: A Whole New Kind Of Season

Unfortunately for ladies, if you have a guy like mine, there is not just the regular NFL football that you have to worry about. There is another kind, a kind that can be accessed anywhere around the world. A kind that doesn’t have a set time to watch, but can be watched 24/7, thanks to modern-day technology. I am talking about fantasy football.

Photo Courtesy of ESPN

What is fantasy football you ask? Well let me tell you. Some genius person, probably a guy, decided that having just one favorite football team just wasn’t enough. So this person concocted the idea that a bunch of guys can get together to compete against one another, online, by picking players from different NFL teams to make one super team. Every week, two guys are up against each other and see who wins the battle with the most points. Points are based on how well a player does in a game. At the end of the season, there is only one winner. That person even gets a virtual trophy. I know this because my darling boyfriend won the whole thing last year!

Now, ladies are probably saying right now, well I don’t even know how to compete with this fantasy football take over. I have great news. You can. I will share with you how I was the real reason my boyfriend not only did so well, but ended up winning the whole thing. Even though my boyfriend’s ego grew immensely after winning fantasy last year, he had a secret weapon: me.

Part one

The first part of fantasy football is draft day. This is a serious day and usually takes about three hours to complete. All the guys in the league get to make his own team by getting players out of the “draft.” Usually your guy needs to pick the quarterback first, the most important guy. Now, you can’t be selfish here. Do not consider players from your man’s favorite team. You have to go off some serious credentials here.

Photo courtesy of Frugal Cafe Blog Zone

So I told my boyfriend to pick Drew Brees. Why? It’s not because he won the Super Bowl three years ago or that he just recently beat the single-season passing record for any quarterback in history. It’s because he has the cutest baby son in the world and always makes appearances on the Ellen DeGeneres show. But would I ever tell my boyfriend this? Nope, he just thinks I am smart and look at the stats.

Part two

Next, you need to get some wide receivers on the team, because the more yards your fantasy team gets, the more points you get toward your fantasy team. Again, most guys would look at the player’s stats from last year and see how much of a good receiver he is. But not for me. For wide receivers, I go off of which guy has the coolest name. I went with a guy named Larry Fitzgerald. Matt wanted to go with a guy named Roddy White. Totally different names. It’s simple, a guy with a boring name doesn’t sound like he is going to do much damage on the field. It is kind of like the New Jersey Housewives. If you had to pick who would win in an all over brawl between Caroline Manzo and Teresa Giudice, who would you pick? That’s right, Teresa, because she has a much cooler last name that makes it sound like she is an Italian Stallion that is ready to bring out juicy Joe on anyone.

Photo courtesy of Bravo

Part three

After filling in some other players, the next big decision is who you will pick for your defense. Again, any guy will tell you to go off of the stats from last year. My secret to this one? Location and colors. If they live in a cooler climate, chances are they will score more points. Why? Because these guys know how to play in the sun and snow. They can face anything. So chances are, when the Tampa Bay Buccaneers travel to the New England Patriots and there’s a blizzard, New England will know how to get it done because they are used to the Antarctic conditions. Next is colors. Pick the team that has the coolest colors. Would you pick a team that is just black and silver (sorry Oakland Raiders) or a team like the Baltimore Ravens whose colors are black and purple? Exactly, black and purple can be accessorized by many more things  then black and silver. Just saying.

Final part

After the fantasy team has all been picked, every week you have to select which players you want in that week. The last couple of weeks my guy didn’t ask me who he should play, which resulted in a loss. Why? Because guys think everything should go off of the player’s history. I, on the other hand, see it differently. So I just reminded him how I got him to win last year. What do you think he did last night while he was picking his team? He asked my opinion on who he would put in this week.

My thinking may not be considered right, but it works. I also use a similar method when it comes to March Madness when I fill out my own bracket. Yes, I won two years in a row, receiving a week long of massages as our bet. These tricks pay off ladies. Use them to your advantage. Your guy will think you know what you’re talking about, which makes you the goddess of his world. But really, you have your own style of making it through this football-fanatic world they call an NFL season.

Photo courtesy of FX

One thing we know about guys: THEY LOVE FOOD

Most of the activities my boyfriend and I do all revolve around one thing: food. I mean everything. If we want to go to the movies, we stop before to grab snacks and sneak them into the theater. If we want to go to the Hartville Flea Market on a Saturday morning, yes, we stop at McDonalds before. So, of course, when there is a football game on, the one way I can even get excited about sitting and watching men in spandex, running up and down a field for 4 hours, is if there is loads of food in front of me.

Photo courtesy of Party City

So, I have gotten pretty creative over the last couple of years in figuring out what is a hit and what is a miss. Now, before I go into detail about my recipes, I have one word of advice. Sometimes, my boyfriend and I will order out from somewhere like BW3’s or pizza. We always try to time up the pick up time for the food perfectly with when kickoff is about to happen. Personally, I don’t understand kickoff, but according to my boyfriend, he can never miss it because it sets the tone for the game. Because lets face it, if Matt misses the Steelers kickoff, the organization as we know it would crumble.

So there was a massive issue about 2 weeks ago. It was football time, and we wanted to order some wings for the game (my weakness is anything in buffalo sauce), so we ordered with enough time to make it back for the game. What we did not anticipate was the restaurant to be swamped and tack on an extra 40 minutes. Needless to say, the boyfriend was not very happy that he missed kickoff. So word to the wise ladies…next time you want to order out, just YOU go pick it up, and not the both of you.  Or a better idea, cook your own food!


I like to have about 3 different options when I make food for just me and my man. If we have company, I like to make about 4 things. So my first food dish is the ultimate request for me to make: buffalo chicken dip. It is so easy and simple.

Photo courtesy of Brown Eyed Baker

Buffalo Chicken Dip

  • One bottle of Frank’s Hot Sauce ( I just use as much as I think it needs, some like it spicier then others)
  • One bottle of ranch dressing
  • One pack of regular Philadelphia cream cheese
  • Sharp cheddar cheese (I use about 3/4 the bag, but eye it up)
  • One can of chicken. I find it really easy to use, but you can also use cooked chicken.

Put all the ingredients together in a slow cooker for a half hour on high heat. Pair the dip up with some tortilla chips and celery, and you have yourself a classic dish.
Next on my list is a taco dip. This is also extremely simple and a huge hit.

Photo courtesy of life-as-a-lofthouse

Taco Dip

  • Refried beans
  • Philadelphia cream cheese
  • Taco power
  • Taco cheese
  • Any topping you would like: chicken, tomatoes, black olives. You can get really creative with it.

First begin with a pie pan. Put a layer of refried beans on the bottom. Next, mix the cream cheese and taco powder together. Once mixed, add a thin layer on top of the refried beans. After that, add a layer of cheese. Put in the oven at 350 degrees for about 20 minutes. Serve hot. And presto, instant happy boyfriend.

Another football game day recipe is pizza. But instead of regular pizza, I use different ingredients to make it healthy. Because the other two food items add up to about a billion calories, so I try to cut back where I can.

Photo courtesy of food by mood

English Muffin Pizza

  • English muffins
  • Pizza sauce
  • Freshly shredded mozzarella
  • Any topping you wish (I use mushrooms, but my boyfriend loves olives)

Cut the English muffins in half and spread the pizza sauce. Add the cheese and any topping you wish. I like to use a toaster oven, but if you don’t have access to one, use the oven. Just put in for about 5 minutes with a piece of foil underneath.
My last favorite food option are tiny meatballs in a cranberry-barbeque sauce. Sounds awesome right? Because it is.

Photo courtesy of the meaning of pie

Cranberry-barbeque meatballs

  • One bag a frozen meatballs
  • One 16-ounce can of jellied cranberry sauce
  • One cup barbeque sauce

Put all of the ingredients in the slow cooker. Let it cook for about 4 hours, or 2 hours if you have the cooker on high heat. Serve with a toothpick and you’re done.

I hope I gave you ladies some easy ideas to make some great food for your guy on football Sunday. All of these recipes are quick, so you can spend more time with your guy and less time in the kitchen. He will be happy that he has food in front of him, and his lady by his side, while watching the game. Another successful Sunday.

Football Fashion is a Girls Best Friend-Right?

So the other night, my man and I went out to eat at a Chinese restaurant. It was delicious. At the end, we both always take a fortune cookie and read it out loud. When I opened my fortune, I burst into laughter because it read, no joke, “Good clothes open many doors. Go shopping.” Now, I don’t know about you, but you don’t have to tell me twice to go shopping. And I mean, this was a fortune cookie telling me, obviously these things are never wrong.

After I showed my man the fortune because he didn’t believe me, he started to shake his head. His reaction is not what I had hoped, which was really wishing he would magically said “Hey babe, lets go down to Express and get that top you have been dying to have.” Instead, he said said, “Oh great, because you don’t have enough clothes to last you through an apocalypse.”
So this got me thinking, how could I get him to understand my excitement when I walk into a store and see countless outfits just calling my name, knowing I must own them and that they will be in my shopping bag within the hour. But then it came to me, go buy football apparel for me!
So my first instinct was to go to Victoria’s Secret because I always see the cutest football apparel on its website. Well one look at Vicki’s prices and I was quickly rethinking my plan. I then came across

Here I found so many cute hoodies, tank tops and sweat pants for me. This way, I could buy new clothes, just like my fortune forced me to do, and show my man that shopping is a fabulous thing. As I was going through the sea of black and yellow outfits, I noticed that Kym Johnson, from Dancing with the stars, was wearing a Steelers t-shirt and a skirt I could never fit into.

I then came across a picture of a ton of famous women, wearing their favorite team’s apparel. So the PR girl in me went on to see how this all came about. The NFL had made a whole campaign concentrating on women and football clothes. And the NFL did it smart. It featured high-fashion clothes worn by famous women who have a tie in with a specific team. So for instance, before when I noticed Kym Johnson was wearing Steeler’s clothes, it was because Hines Ward, a former player of the Steelers, was her partner on Dancing with the Starts.

This year’s fashion campaign is called “It’s my team,” and it features high-end clothes paired with high-end brands, such as Jimmy Choo shoes. Because what girl doesn’t love throwing shoes into the mix? This is so smart, because I know when I saw Kym Johnson wearing a Steeler’s shirt, it made the whole shopping for football clothes a lot more exciting. Because lets face it, shopping for sports clothes is just not excited ladies. Especially if you don’t like your team’s colors. Even though I love my Steelers, Black is the most basic color any girl has in her wardrobe, and thanks to my Ukrainian skin tone, yellow washes me out.

Bottom line, what the NFL did with its campaign for women and NFL clothing was clever. Just put some famous women with bodies every girl hopes to have one day, in fashionable NFL clothing that will appeal to a broad audience. Genius. Every women in American has got to be jumping up and down for this revolution.

So, now that you know some places to go shopping, how much of a team player are you willing to be? For one, you could go casual. Just keep it simple with a tank top or t-shirt. Or, go big or go home. I am talking striped socks, jersey, headband and face paint. Did I mention a foam finger? Whatever you are comfortable in, remember you look fabulous in these fashions, and your guy thinks you look even better. Because that is what fall Sunday’s are all about, pleasing your number one NFL fanatic.

Football 101- Girl Style

Hi Ladies! So I have this problem where my man loves to tell me different things that happen in a game. Nothing like, “Look at that guy in the crowd, he shaved the team name in his chest hair,” because that I could easily find the humor in.

No, it is always something like “Oh yes, we got a pick 6!” Now, the first time I heard this, I thought, “Oh, the coach picked 6 new players to go out onto the field because they’re doing so bad.” Unfortunately, I was mistaken. After I said this to my man, he laughed at me and said I was cute (thank goodness), and then proceeded to tell me that a pick 6 is when a team intercepts a ball and then runs it for a touchdown.

I thought I knew the basics after watching games with my dad for years. I mean, there are two teams and the team you are rooting for needs to score, right? Wrong. This basic knowledge was not going to be enough to please my football-loving boyfriend. So, first I had to understand his team. So, I went to the Steelers’ website, where there was a roster to learn and a coaching staff to memorize.

My first point of advice is for you to learn the quarterback, his back-up, the running backs and wide receivers. These men will be the guys that touch the football the most, so it’s important to know their names and positions. Understand that your man will have a love-hate relationship with these guys. One week he will think they are Gerald Butler in 300, and the next week he will think they are Steve Urkel from Family Matters.

Once you know the main people on the team, my next point of advice is to get a favorite player. Why? Because your guy will think you are better than dating the playmate of the year. By having a favorite player, it shows you are invested in his team, and that you are excited to see what this guy will do for the team. My favorite player? Ryan Clark from the Steelers. My man makes it a point to say “Hey look, there’s your boy,” every time Clark is on the TV.

Now that you know the team and have a favorite player, every girl needs to know the basics of the game. Here is a simple breakdown of everything girls need to know about the male-dominated sport.

  1. There are four quarters in the game; each one is 15 minutes long, totaling an hour of play time. Don’t let this fool you ladies. Games usually last 3 hours because of all the breaks and half time. So, if your man ever says to you “Hey babe, there is only four minutes left in the game, can I watch it?” Say no. It’s a trap and four minutes really equals about a half hour.
  2. There are 53 players on each team; odd number I know. But, only 11 players from each team can be on the field at once.
  3. Offense and Defense. This is key ladies, so pay attention. Offense is the team that is holding the pigskin, trying to score. Defense is the one without. Simple? Yep!
  4. Point system. There are a few different ways to score. The best way? To score a touchdown in the end zone. This equals six points. After a team scores a touchdown, its kicker will have a chance to kick a field goal, resulting in an extra point, totaling a possible seven points. Next is a field goal. Most teams will try this when they know there is a better chance of LC and Kristin Cavallari becoming best friends then scoring a touchdown. A field goal is worth three points. The last way to score points is a safety. Two points are awarded to the defense when an offensive player is tackled in the offense’s own end zone.

So ladies, that’s my advice. Learn these quick tips and you will have no problem keeping up with the game and impressing your man with your extensive knowledge. Well, somewhat extensive.

Check out a simple break down of some rules, or visit NFL rules. for more advice.